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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Another vivid dream

I seem to be dreaming in epic technicolour these days. Here's last night's installment:

I was in a huge cabin at near the top of a massive gorge/valley. It was deeper than anything I've seen in Britain (though my surroundings looked suspiciously like the Wren's Nest, in Dudley), more like the Grand Canyon, which I've only seen in films. There were hundreds of us there, each of a different area of expertize - some scientists, some I don't know, but the sort of people you wouldn't normally put together in one room. I was there as a HPS/psychic.

We ended up driving onto what looked like a huge leather strip, stretching from one side of the gorge to the other. There were no sides and the thing swayed wildly. How we managed to stay on it, I'll never know, but I sat in my car and projected a massive amount of energy onto something (what the something was wasn't made clear!).

Afterwards, I was the first to leave. I knew that what I'd done was dangerous on many different levels, but needed to be done. Once at home, I had some kind of tracking monitor and, in looking into it, I saw that my home was surrounded by FBI (? I'm British...). I only had a few minutes to warn people, but I knew that my 'phone line and my internet use would be being monitored, and I didn't know how to warn people.

The dream ended when I looked out of the window to find my house (which is normally in a terrace and on a council estate) literally surrounded by identical Black Marias.

I can't remember any emotion throughout the dream.
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