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Friday, March 19, 2004

On the box and hurting

Dr Khan put me on the box yesterday, just for the week, but she said that next Thursday, I just need to 'phone to be on the box for another week.

She was very reassuring, in that whatever I said, she'd heard it before and let me know that all of my symptons are classic whiplash ones.

It has finally hit home precisely how serious this injury is. I've always had it in my head, until now, that tomorrow it might be better. Then I've been crushed when it hasn't been. But now I realize that this isn't like cutting your finger and I really do have to give it time.

Today, I enjoyed having FT Kate over yesterday afternoon, and I'm really looking forward to her coming to get me today. She's going to take me to Juell's house in the early hours, and Juell, Cabochon and I will be going to Glastonbury for the Spring Equinox ceremony. *careful happy dance* I don't know if I'm more excited about going to Glastonbury, or simply getting out of the house in a way which won't damage me more.

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