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Monday, August 16, 2004

And my spirit writes poetry...

I am so utterly chilled out. Shambala was a TRIUMPH! I've laughed, I've chilled, I've sat there with a permanent grin on my face, I've caught up with my sleep... oh! I've had such a good time!

Ok, technically, I've been sitting and meandering around a field for three days... but in real terms, I've been to Wonderland, Middle Earth, into a world full of beautiful people, beautiful things, free hugs and Chai. Can't forget the Chai. *grin*

On the Friday night, I sat in the 'lounge' bit of the tent, when everyone else had gone to bed. I was curled up in one camping chair, with my feet up on another, looking out over the festival, sipping Green and Black's Hot Chocolate (lovely bloke called Jim, open 24 hours, best hot chocolate in the world). The sight was so utterly beautiful and I felt so completely peaceful. That moment is indicative of how I felt for the whole festival. I wrote this:

In the silence, in the stillness
I found my soul at Shambala;
It shone through the
Murk and drab of accumulated
Other life,
And my troubles melted like
So many marshmallows on a stick.

I learned again how to just sit
And watch lights, like a string of pearls,
My shoulders sag, my heartbeat slows,
My body relaxs, melding me into the seat,
Comfortable, necessary.
I am content
And my spirit writes poetry.

13.8.04 at the Shambala Festival.

Beautiful!! I'm so glad you found yourself again. It's about time. :)

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