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Friday, August 20, 2004

Shambala - Saturday

You can practically follow Saturday through Shambala from my pictures. Pics 1-36 are all Saturday, except no 1 has gone to the end of the list, rather than at the beginning, where it originally was.

I was up all of three seconds, before I was washed, dress, teeth brushed and out playing. I meandered over to the Sacred Space and sat there having a couple of cups of tea, with my eye firmly on the Shiatshu (sp?) people. In the end, they looked like they'd finished canting AND they had their appointments sheet open, so I got out of my seat and pounced. I explained about the whiplash, because Ian had said that there were insurances issues massaging someone who'd been injured that badly. They counted months and got me to show my mobility now, then agreed to have me.
:-D I made an appointment for 12 noon, because I was hungry and needed breakfast, then ran off to tell the others.

They were all up now and very up for going for breakfast.

(This is as far as I got before Mike died on August 22nd 2004. I'll post it, because I can't see me finishing recounting it all now.)

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