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Saturday, July 02, 2005

From Vera Lisa

Understanding the energetic human form

Rivers of light

The luminous energy cocoon is a mirror of the Earth's magnetic
Energy streams from the North Pole and circumnavigates the planet to
re-enter again through the South Pole. Similarly rivers of light
travel out of the top of the head and stream around the luminous
forming a great oval the width of our outstretched arms. Our cocoon
penetrates the Earth 12 to 18 inches. The rivers of light re-enter
the body through the feet.

Along the surface of the planet run flux lines, similar to
acupuncture meridians, connecting the major chakras of the Earth.
These meridians traverse the globe, transporting energy and
information from one part of the planet to another. Seers can
communicate with each other through the luminous matrix formed by
flux lines of the Earth. Trained seers are able to sense and
sometimes see the luminous grid of the universe, extending beyond
Earth and into the galaxies.

Like the flux lines running along the body of the Earth, the rivers
of light run along the surface of the skin connecting energy points,
which are in essence very small chakras. These rivers of light are
the circulatory system for the luminous cocoon. Seers can learn to
extend fibers from any of these smaller chakras, as well as the main
chakras. One who 'sees', can perceive these rivers of light and
readily see locations where the light is choked, stopped, or
rerouted. Certain stretching and pressing techniques are quite

The 10 major light arteries in the luminous cocoon pass through the
fingertips. A profound balance ocurrs when we touch our
thumb-to-thumb, index-to-index, etc. Seers can learn to extend these
rivers as a defense force, first in dreaming and later with the
physical self.


The luminous c! ocoon contains information that can kill us or heal
It holds a blueprint of our body just as an architectural drawing
holds the design of a house. But unlike the house, which remains
intact as it ages, our luminous cocoon is continually informed by
incidents we experience. Unresolved psychological, emotional, and
spiritual traumas becoming engraved like scratch marks in our
luminous field. The blueprint that shaped and molded us since we
inside our mother's womb contains the memories of all of our former
lifetimes -- the way we suffered, the way we lived, how we were ill,
and the way we died. These imprints contain instructions that
predispose us to repeat certain events from the past. We want to
learn where these energy imprints are located in the luminous cocoon
and how to erase them so that the body, mind, and spirit can return
to health. This is sometimes called Recapitulation.

The outermost layer of the ! luminous cocoon is the membrane
or "skin"
of the luminous body. This membrane serves as a defense shield in
same way the skin is protective of the body. The imprints of
traumas and diseases are etched onto this membrane like designs cut
into glass. When a person is suffering from a prolonged illness,
there is an energetic imprint that is depressing the immune system.
If the imprint is not cleared, recovery can take months or years,
a person not only will be predisposed to a recurrence of the same
condition, but will carry the imprint into her next lifetime. The
imprints etched into the emotional layer of the luminous energy
predispose us to live in particular ways and to become attracted to
certain people and relationships. These imprints dictate the course
of our emotional lives. It is very difficult to change our lifestyle
without clearing the imprints in this layer. The imprints stored in
the psychic l! ayer inform and organize our physical reality. The
imprints in the spiritual layer choreograph our journey through life
including the kind of spiritual fulfillment that we will attain.

Imprints are formed when negative emotions that accompany trauma are
not healed. When an imprint is active, it pulsates within the
luminous cocoon. An activated imprint launches its programs, fueling
them from the energy stored in the luminous cocoon. It's nearly
impossible to stop. It's toxic energy spills into a chakra, wreaking
emotional havoc or compromising our immune response. If we are able
to heal the emotional component of a painful situation as it
an imprint is not created in the energy field. And active imprint is
recognized by the dark energy around it. When it begins to play
itself out, we gravitate to people in situations that will allow us
to relive the circumstances of the original wounding in an attempt
heal it! , a subconscious attempt to recapitulate. The imprints can
arrange strange and apparently unrelated events in the world. They
can orchestrate our meeting love partners who have all the same
personality traits. They can strand us in the oddest places to come
upon someone we are destined to meet.

Seers believe that intellectual cognizance (talk therapy) rarely
scratches the service and is not enough to bring about true healing.
One must clear the imprint or be predisposed to reenact the
situation. And old imprint is activated the through a traumatic or
emotional experience. The seer is interested in draining the toxic
emotional energy around an imprint and then erasing the imprint
itself. This is called an "illumination".

from the talks of Alberto Villodo
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